Naked Turtle came about to spread awareness of the dangerous chemicals found in everyday products we use. We may not realize it, but the ingredients are getting absorbed through our skin, inhaled, or ingested. Many of these chemicals have been linked to endocrine (hormone) disruption, asthma, allergies, and cancer.

The more I researched these ingredients, the more I felt I should share this invaluable information with others. Thus, I started a blog discussing the most commonly used personal care products. If you’d like to learn about the specific chemicals to avoid and why, please visit our blog page.

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if there were products that were effective, but also good for us? We are happy to be able to offer a body wash that is not only safe, but versatile. It’s a healthy, toxin-free castile soap made with carefully sourced organic oils. It’s gentle on your skin and safe for the Earth. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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